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Better Noise Virtual Street Team Sessions 2020

Over the peak of COVID, I started an artist/fan connection series to boost better noise street team morale. Fans got the opportunity to hear new music from established and developing acts such as Tommy Lee, Cory Marks, Eva Under Fire and more!

Mötley crüe - the dirt viewing parties 2018

coordinating with the release of the dirt, i organized synchronized global viewing parties featuring branded promo materials from better noise and mötley crüe. There were giveaways, costume contests, and photo opportunities for fans to  show their love for the band.

PAPA ROACH listening parties - 2018

prior to their release of their 2019 album who do you trust, I worked with papa roach's management partners to facilitate a playback event, allowing fans and partners to listen to the album first and give their feedback. we used that info to choose a single and a focus track.

Long island sound festival 2018 & 2019

in response to a news article saying there was a lack of original music on long island, i founded a music festival showcasing just that. long island sound fest 2018 was a two-day festival featuring local and national artists with roots on long island ny. long island sound fest 2019 was a one day showcase donating to a local foodbank. both events were run by myself and a small team of passionate music fans.

intern events 2016 & 2017

2017 - i interned at playtoomuch and covered day of show duties for their northside festival showcase. the event was a 4 band bill of independent artists

2016 - i interned at indiefork and assisted in producing and promoting their special events at the w hotel, including tv guide honoring seth meyers, and several evenings with broadway.

suny oneonta music industry club 2016 - 2017

during my senior year at suny oneonta i was given the opportunity to be the music industry club's talent buyer. during my time i booked 13 events, including two sold out shows, that appealed to a wide audience at the college.

touche amore - 2016

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